quarta-feira, 7 de novembro de 2007

He doesn't think straight

One more time, he woke up worried, trying to remember what happened during the night and figure out what was really going on with his brain. "I think I'm watching myself getting mad", he thought to himself. Another night had gone by, another night when he woke up scared as hell because his dreams were now more true than never, making him reach the point of closing himself outside the bedroom, trying to give time to his brain to return to normality.
"- How is it possible to see your brain creating all these allucinations, and not being able to make them stop, even when you perfectly know they are not real?"
Walking to work, the ground was his only image while he thought about a sollution for this problem. He knew he seemed a little bit crazy for most of his friends, but they just thought of him as someone somehow special, the kind you like to have around. And everyone is somehow peculiar, right?

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