terça-feira, 30 de outubro de 2007

Movies and addictions

Roman Holiday by William Wyler, 1953

I always said I had no possible addiction to anything, until today, when I looked around and saw myself surrounded by thousands of movies to rent without knowing what to do. I just couldn't choose. Well, I could, but not just one or two. Great masterpieces represented by small rectangular boxes and representing themselves a bit less of social life. Every time I know I have free time just for myself it's one of the first options I take under action. Without a doubt, going to the cinema and just enjoy a great movie in big scale is my favourite, but in some cities, it becomes such a luxury for some, because of the expensive price for just one session. As a consequence of that, I find myself watching some movies in my sweet little laptop and think "This would be great to see in the big screen".

In one of few cities I lived until now, loving cinema was much, much easier with Cineclube de Guimarães, where we could go to the cinema at least six times a month for a very cheap membership due. That was where everything started. My sister invited me one Sunday to come with her to a movie, and as the easiest way to convince me, she promised to pay for the first due if I became a member. I didn't know that well what kind of movies I would watch, but hey, now that I look back, there are not a lot of better things I could do than. It was mostly alternative movies, but I remember they wouldn't skip a good blockbuster one. It became one of the usuals, and it was just at the first session where I met my three-years-relationship-boyfriend, who was a part of directors team. In these three years, I was really close to cinema and to people who knew a lot about cinema. Part of my passion comes from what they "gave" me during the time I spent with them. I learned to love Fellini, Hitchcock, Bergman, Kubrick, Allen, Ford, Coppola, Kusturica, Miyazaki, Kitano, Gondry and many, many more. Creators of beautiful stories that change us a bit every time.

Cinema, as every kind of art, is a good addiction. Some say I am a little geek, which amuses me - but even they know what these good things are all about.

Other addictions: music, chips, lipstick, books, earrings and little things, coffee and rissóis!


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Alice disse...

pois, pois, acho que já me estás a dever esses 3,0eur da primeia mensalidade!!


Não sabia que tinhas um blog... Adorei a referência que fizeste a mim. A sério! Comecei a ler o último post que deixaste e fui por lá baixo na esperança de aparecer. Eu sei, sou um vaidoso... mas não é que apareço mesmo! :) beijo cara linda